How to Collect Finders Fees For Unclaimed Property – A Great Home-Based Business

You’ve undoubtedly heard somewhere – television, the newspaper, online – that there is a whole lot of unclaimed property out there being held by the government. Maybe you even went to a state’s unclaimed property website and looked around and found some nice sums of money that were owed to people. If you poke around in your state right now, you’ll probably find at least a few people who are owed a few thousand dollars. The next logical step is to wonder how to collect finders fees for unclaimed property, by letting these people know about their money.

When learning how to collect finders fees, the first thing you need to do is to read up in your state’s unclaimed property code, and find out what the limit is for what a person can charge as a finder fee. In most states it is around 10%. Next, you’ll need to try to locate the owner of the funds. Often, they no longer live at the address the state has on file, and that’s why they aren’t getting notifications of their unclaimed funds.

Finally, once you find them, you’ll need to try to get them to sign a contract agreeing to pay you your 10%, before you divulge where you found the record of the money. Unfortunately, since most states have an unclaimed property website, if these people are smart, before they sign anything with you, they’ll go search the website themselves and collect without paying you anything.

Sounds pretty bleak, right?

This is where most people give up on learning how to collect finders fees altogether… and that’s why there are a few secret sources of unclaimed property still left out there that are making the few money finders that know about them rich. These funds are held outside the state level, and thus aren’t subject to finder’s fee limits. They are generally created from real estate transactions, and thus are often in the five figures, or higher. And best of all, they are never shown on the state’s unclaimed property websites, and their owners are almost always unaware of their existence.

If you can locate records of these funds (and there are a lot of them), and locate their owners, it’s fairly easy to get them under contract, process their claim, and get paid 30-50% per transaction. This is by far the best and easiest way to collect finders fees for unclaimed property. It’s a very simple process: find records, find owners, get signed contracts, process the claim, and get paid.

A Sample of a Bakery Business Plan

In a bakery business, preparing a business plan is very necessary, as it gives you and the investors an absolute idea about how you would realize and execute the entire business plan options. This vital part is commonly known as the executive summary of the whole plan.

Category of the Business

Prior in planning anything, get acquainted with the diverse types of business you can start. There are three general ways you can start a bakery business.

  • You can begin a retail bakery business, where customers can buy bakery foods from you in a bakery shop. You can also choose to have a bakery restaurant, where people can buy and eat in your restaurant.
  • Another way, you can start a wholesale bakery business where you sell bakery products to the retail bakery shops and restaurants.
  • Lastly, you can work as retail and wholesale bakery business entrepreneur. It helps you gain more revenues and earnings. It also helps you get the most parts of the prospective market and consumers.

Bakery Products and Services

After you decide which type of business to go for; you have to choose about cooking specialties. There are selection of bakery products, such as, cakes, pastries, breads and a lot more so you may choose only some specialty items or may go for all the bakery pleasures. If you choose to go for retail business with a shop or restaurant, it is best to keep array of products so that you can cater to different customer demands. You need to give meticulous consideration to all the products and services you will be providing to the customers.

Market Research

This part is one of the significant steps in any business plan. You need to know necessarily about your competitors that can be locally well recognized bakery shops or branded bakery products. You must be responsive of the business strategies, promotional plans and specialty products of your rivals. It helps you in marketing your products

Capital Venture

Your business plan must comprise the details about how you are going to put in money to the business. You should plan as to how many employees need to be selected and their salary, and a lot more. You will have to think about the land investment, whether you are going to buy, rent out a shop or place to put up business. You need to make preparations to meet these operating costs in the initial stage of the business.

Bakery Design

Every type of bakery business always needs different arrangements. Your work is moderately easy if you are going for a wholesale bakery business. All you need to do is, get the orders from retailers and provide them with demanded products with the help of skilled employees. You do not need to have an attractive spot, set up for wholesale bakery business. But if you are planning to start a bakery with a restaurant, then you have to give attention to a lot new details, such as, atmosphere of the bakery, sanitation of the bakery, chairs arrangement for customers, and eye-catching display of food products. You also have to think if you are going to keep waiters or adopting self service process.

Home Based Business Opportunity – Review Article Number 7

If you're considering a home based business opportunity, here are four companies that might appeal to you:

1. Motiply Partners – With people on the go and the mobile industry booming, businesses have to be mobile friendly with an app, as well as a mobile website. Up until now, Apps and mobile websites have been far too expensive for businesses. The Motiply App and Mobile Website Builder gives you the ability to make local businesses mobile friendly for almost nothing compared to the tens of thousands of dollars it has cost them up to this point. Motiply has a turn-key Mobile App business that makes it possible for anyone to work from home and market mobile websites and apps to businesses in their community. They provide you with everything you will need to be successful, and no experience is needed. With their training, mentoring program and tutorials, according to them, you will be selling Mobile Websites, Apps and Mobile Marketing Solutions to businesses in no time.

Cost to get involved: $ 199

2. Cruises, Inc.- Cruises Inc. has over 400 independent agents coast to coast. For over 25 years they have been providing attention to detail and professional advice to every customer. As a Cruises Inc. agent, you will be combining the latest in technology with superior customer service. Their computerized best fare search program enables each cruise specialist to identify outstanding values ​​on all of the major cruise lines. Want to be a part of selling exciting cruise and destination vacation packages … and earn 100% commissions? How about making all that happen on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home?

Cost to get involved: $ 249 which includes virtual training

3. Academic Associates Learning Centers – Did you realize know that 1 in 7 adults in USA can not read this article. This company has 230 reading centers across the country. Their program provides you with the unique opportunity of having your own successful learning center. Their specialized training provides you with all the tools and the skills you'll need to help anyone become a good reader. Now they are offering you a home based business opportunity to own your own effective reading center using the Academic Associates Reading Program ™.

Cost to get involved: $ 6,000

4. Do Business Smarter – This "business coach" company recognizes that every business is unique. Their approach to business coaching has helped hundreds of business owners to become more successful by implementing proven strategies to grow their business. If you're a retired businessman or woman, and have always wanted to be a coach, this might very well be a great opportunity for you. The cost to get involved seem a little extravagant to me, but there has never been a better time to become a business coach.

Cost to get involved: $ 25,000- $ 45,000, depending on level of participation.

Never rely solely on the recommendation of someone else when you're looking at a prospective home based business opportunity – not even mine! Make sure you always do your due diligence, and ask yourself these four questions:

1. Is this really a legitimate business?

2. Is this an opportunity that would be "fun" for me?

3. Can I afford this opportunity?

4. Does this business afford me the opportunity to meet my long-term financial goals?

Looking for the Perfect Home Based Business? Start a Bounce House Business

You can see bounce houses everywhere in the warmer months.

You might have even rented one in the past. And there’s a

good chance that you’ve thought about starting a bounce

house business yourself.

Bounce houses rent for anywhere from $65.00/day on the west

coast to $250.00 & up in other parts of the country. Here in

Indianapolis, we rent ours for around $225.00 for four to

six hours. So if you charge $150.00 for your rental, you can

make an extra $300.00 per week in income.

Like any business, you’re going to have some expenses. A

bounce delivery requires a truck or a small trailer. An suv will work too.

You’ll need extension cords, business cards, insurance, dollys and

other small business supplies. Most rental company owners

start by doing deliveries and bookings themselves so they

won’t have a lot of additional labor costs. The real joy of

this business is that you work when you want to work, and if

you feel like taking time off….just don’t take any

bookings for that day. But, the downside is that if you

want to make a great deal of income, you’re going to have to

be available when people want to rent. And that’s generally

on the weekend.

Insurance is the biggest cost. Although it seems to get

cheaper when more units are added, start up costs are tough.

Bounce House purchase prices average around $1500.00 but

insurance will be around $750.00. That means your first

year start up is going to cost around $2500.00. If you rent

your unit for $150.00, you’ll still have paid for your costs

in less than 20 rentals. And, of course, the more you

charge, the quicker your investment will pay for itself.

You might be surprised to find that there is a lot more to

rentals than bounce houses. Our initial start up five years

ago was two bounces but within just a short time we have

grown to over 50 inflatable and interactive games. You can

find giant slides, obstacle courses, casino tables, Bungee

Runs, Toddler Games and fun foods. The business actually

will grow as large as you want it to. As long as you get

the equipment out in front of people, you’ll be booking

rentals. The units themselves are their own advertisements.

To get going on your new business you just need to follow

these simple steps.

-Find out from your state and local board what you need to

start a bounce rental business. There might be restrictions

on what you can do.

-Check on suppliers. You can look on the web for “bounce

house” or “inflatable games”.

-Ask the suppliers to give you insurance info. Do NOT make a

purchase until you’ve secured insurance.

-Order your bounce(s) just as soon as you have your

insurance in place.

-You have plenty to do while waiting for equipment. Design

fliers and business cards. Get your phone number and Domain

name. Start on a website. Tell ALL your friends about your

new business.

-Although you’re starting to advertise, it’s not recommended

to book your units before they arrive. That’s just asking

for trouble.

-The day your equipment arrives is so exciting. Make sure

though that you fully inspect your equipment for damages

before your delivery driver leaves. And also check to make

sure you’ve received everything.

-Now for the fun part. Inflate your new unit and get

familar with it. Let the neighborhood kids play. You want

your unit seen so people will want to rent it.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Of course I just touched on the

steps but it’s not much more complicated than that. If you

join the Party Rental Industry you’ll be sharing fun with

everyone. And that’s a great way to make an income.

Automobile Business Plan – Four Steps to Success

Like other business plans, the contents of an automobile dealership business plan cover four primary steps towards success. These steps are “opportunity”, “capacity”, “activities”, and “results”.


The industry, customer, and competitive analysis in your business plan proves the opportunity. This should identify that customers in your local market are in need of a dealer of the type you’ve chosen to be because competitors are not fully serving their needs, or because their demographics are changing (more population, richer, poorer, more families, etc.) The opportunity could also be that a certain combination of services by your dealership could improve on what competitors are currently doing. The overall industry situation should look ahead to how the car sales market will be doing six months, one year, or more in the future, when the dealership will actually be open.


The experience of the management team, your license as a car dealer, and the financial resources the partners can bring to the table cover the capacity of the entrepreneur to jump on this opportunity. Funders reading the business plan expect that there will also be an element of cash missing from the entrepreneur’s capacity at the moment. Otherwise, they would not be reading the plan in the first place.


Marketing and operations plans cover the activities the company will engage in to bring in car buyers (and car sellers if you are a used car dealer as well), and run the business as efficiently as possible. As a small car dealer, consider how you can make up for this lack of scale, and the cost savings that come with it for dealer chains, through creativity and hard work.


Finally, the projections of business success and financial section of the plan show the results that you and investors should expect. If results take into account the full costs of the methods you’ve described, and include adequate compensation for staff and key team players, readers will be less likely to question elements on the cost side. If your revenue projections are based on reasonable, researched assumptions about the car buying behavior of your local market, then readers will be more likely to accept this side of the projections as well.

Food Storage Business: Legitimate Business Opportunity For Stay-At-Home-Moms and "Mompreneurs"

There is no doubt that the food storage business has taken off. People are concerned about inflation and the rising prices of goods and services and are looking for ways to protect themselves against the rising costs of food.

Food storage is at an all-time high, and food storage companies are making food storage easy and practical for the novice as well as the experienced.

For the entrepreneurial stay-at-home mom or “mompreneur” this can be a golden opportunity to start a home-based business, be your own boss, earn some extra income, and start or add to your food storage program.

Efoods Global and Shelf Reliance are two companies who actively look for consultants or Independent Business Owners to sell their products in a number of ways. Efoods Global offers a generous compensation plan with food credits, commissions and sales bonuses. It is very well detailed on their website. Led by CEO Steve Shenk, Efoods Global have business opportunities for the following:

Spare-Time: Working 1-4 hours weekly mainly for food credits and some “extra spending money”

Part-Time: Working 4-10 hours weekly for supplemental income, possibly continuing current employment status, but wanting to boosting the family finances

Full-Time: Expanding their growing food storage business, primary source of income, high earning potential

Big-Time Professional: Business professionals, interested in sophisticated business strategies with unlimited earning potential

Efoods Global has a very comprehensive and informational website and touts itself as a business opportunity to help you become food and financially independent.

Shelf Reliance offers Thrive brand food products as well as emergency supplies and kits, food rotation and food storage ideas and equipment. Earnings are based on hosting parties and building your own team of consultants with monthly commissions and bonuses paid. They have a well-detailed website and their compensation plan is easy to follow.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom interested in boosting your family’s income, or a “mompreneur” who has a vision of owning your own business with unlimited potential, one of these business opportunities could be for you. The food storage business is definitely a legitimate business opportunity for stay at home moms.

Before committing to any business, be certain to gather all the information you need. Make sure you understand the compensation plan, the level of marketing, sales and recruiting you will need to do, and ask yourself if you can fully stand behind the product you are selling. If you believe in the product and are passionate about what you do, the sky truly is the limit!

Marketing for your food storage business will be essential. There are millions of people on-line and they are your potential customers. In order to be successful, you must know how to reach those customers! Learning to effectively market your business online will be your key to success.

The Growing Trend Of Online Home Delivery Businesses In Dubai

The UAE is an alliance of seven different Emirates; they are- Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. The fast food joints and quick service restaurants are putting their efforts to organize quick and convenient options for delivery of goods altogether. Home delivery is one of the growing markets in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, the concept and ordering via internet from various restaurants have simplified the lives of the people living in the country.

Online Service delivery of a product or service is a form of E-commerce that allows the customers to buy goods and services over the internet.

There are three elements of online delivery:

1. Online shopping,

2. Online food ordering, and

3. Online grocery

The Ongoing Trends

There are thousands of online delivery websites in UAE, Dubai. They are also known as online delivery directories. These websites regularly publish a list of menus of different restaurants or companies along with their contact details. Most of the companies listed in these websites have 100 percent established delivery supply chains that offer guaranteed quick home delivery or even take away options. Not only this, some companies have their own individual websites to cater the personal needs of the people. But, more than 95 percent of these websites are owned by the top players in the company.

The concept delivery system has immensely contributed towards the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Not only this, the major companies experienced a major increase in the demand for the customers relies solely on them. Therefore, this was also reflected in the growth of previous year (2014), when the development of top players was continuously increasing whereas on the other hand the demand for the small players was declining.

The Competitive Landscape

It was reported that the demand for online delivery products such as gift delivery, grocery delivery, cake delivery and flower delivery in Dubai experienced major growth. The main reason of this growth was due to the increase in the number of an expatriate in Dubai and fast & convenient delivery services offered by the brands. Most of the outlets have extended their premium services to outlet services.

Most of the local stores, shops, restaurants and outlets extended their wide range of products and services online to different segments for cooked foodstuffs, ready-to-cook foods, cafeterias, banks, bakeries, dry cleaning, music shops, medicines, flower shops and more, to cater the demand of the delivery business.

The trend of online delivery, home delivery or takeaway has highly impacted on the fast food restaurants outlets negatively. Nowadays, most of the individuals order online delivery instead of going to nearby fast food restaurants outlets. Therefore, the market size and share value of restaurants experienced a major decline last year.


Below are the few examples of the services that are currently trending in UAE, Dubai:

1. Organic Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables- Organic farmers in Dubai grow best organic fruits, seasonal produce and vegetables, delivery products to home through a process of ordering online.

2. Flower ad Gifts- Using different online websites to flower delivery Dubai style. They provide a wide range of flowers and gifts solution for the customers.

3. Fast food- There are many online restaurant directories that caters more than 2 lakh list of restaurants to choose from, offering multi-cuisines in Dubai.

The Future Prospects

A continuously increasing demand for home delivery services will further impact in the decline of demand for outlets. Furthermore, the outlet services business is, however, catering an influx of tourist only. The main contribution of the countries logistics players provide practical, managerially and the political possibility of the businesses.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Gift Basket Business At Home Vs Owning A Storefront Business

Is the joy of owning a gift basket business at home greater than the pleasure derived from operating a storefront gift basket business? I have been on both sides of the fence and can therefore give first hand advice and opinions about this debate. Whether you want to start a basket business from home or if you are considering having a storefront, read the following pros and cons to help make your final decision.

Pros to Having A Gift Basket Business At Home:

-You will work long hours during holidays but at least you can be home for meal time and any other important family occasion or a good television show you don`t want to miss.

-You make your own hours and work at your own rate. You can leave to pick up your son at school or to go to your daughter’s presentation at 2 on a Tuesday.

-You can work in your pajamas when putting baskets together

-You can do your own personal errands while shopping for fruit and treats

-You can deduct a part of your home expenses on your small business income taxes

-You decide how much business you want by how many calls or marketing efforts you put out

Cons to Having A Basket Business At Home:

-Sometimes it will seem that you are always working, especially during holidays.

-If you don’t have the space in your home or garage to operate your business out of, your private spaces may become overwhelmed with baskets, product, ribbon, etc..

-You will have constant distractions at home that may prevent you from efficiently running your business.

-Some people may not consider your business to be as legitimate and professional as a storefront business.

Pros to Having A Storefront Gift Basket Business:

-If you are social and love meeting new people, a storefront business will introduce you to many new people.

-If you enjoy being a boss and having a team of people working for you, a storefront business will be perfect for you

-If you love creating displays and beautifying areas, a storefront will give you that opportunity

-If you love organizing product and formal inventories, consider a storefront.

-If you enjoy the image of being a storefront owner, your store will fulfill that wish.

Cons to Having A Storefront Basket Business:

-You will work long hours during holidays and be away from home for long periods of time.

-Marketing salespeople and product salespeople will take up lots of your time.

-People asking for donations will take up much of your time.

-Sometimes you won’t have time to do the actual work of making the baskets because of time-consuming customers asking for a specific shade of ribbon on their gift delivery.

-You won’t be able to personally just pick up and go get fruits for the basket you need to deliver this afternoon unless you have someone to take care of the store.

-You will need to work within acceptable store hours every day of the year except for holidays and maybe Sundays.

-Having a storefront basket business costs more than a home based basket business because you need to maintain an acceptable inventory, you need employees and you have to pay rent and utilities.

How to Write a Business Plan For an Online Business Directory

Writing a business plan for an online business directory is as important as writing a business plan for any type of business. A proper plan is essential to making an online directory a success. This will outline the type of business directory you will be running and how you will make it profitable. Below are a number of tips to writing a business plan for an online business directory.

1. The plan should outline your strategies on how you will make the directory a money generator. It will detail how the directory will work and how you will maintain profitability. It will also help you plan for unexpected obstacles, such as if one method of acquiring business listing does not work, how you will modify the strategy to make it more effective. It is important to regularly update your business plan to maintain competitiveness. Create short and long term goals and establish time frames for achieving specific tasks and set goals, such as the number of businesses that will post their listing in a week, or in a month.

2. The mission statement is a blueprint to having successful directories. It should define your values and objectives to maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace. It is important that you outline how you understand your target audience, including their needs and wants and how your directory will meet them. It must detail how you will attract customers to list their businesses.

3. You must detail your understanding of your competitors and how your directory will be unique and stand apart from your competitors’ directories. For instance, will yours fill a particular niche market? You need to outline your promotion plan and how you will implement your marketing strategies. You need to create a strategy that gives you a competitive edge.

4. You need to detail a comprehensive financial plan. You have to include such information as advertising and promotion costs and the expected revenue you will generate. You should outline all of the methods and programs you will use to effectively monetize your directory. This can include affiliate programs, offering paid listings…etc. You should create an effective budget that is practical and takes hidden or unexpected costs into consideration. You will need to break down your expenses and revenue to make sure you have a plan that generates more revenue that money paid out.

Starting a new online business directory can seem overwhelming as there are so many online directories on the internet. To stand out from the others, you need a strategic plan, clearly defined objectives, clear promotion and marketing plan, and a practical budget. It will help minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. A general guide on writing a business plan for an online business directory is helpful when planning to build a successful online business directory, but it is essential that you do your research and consult with others to make sure your business plan is a blueprint to success.

How To Host a Successful Home Business Expo

Are you in direct sales or network marketing?

No doubt you're currently having parties, luncheons, meetings or other events to showcase your business opportunity and products.

But have you ever thought of hosting a larger event that is open to the public? If you're building your business mostly on the Internet, you may shy away from offline activities, but I hope to convince you of the many perks of hosting a Home Business Expo.

The advantages of planning a large offline event are:

You can potentially get a LOT of targeted leads for your business opportunity or product.

You will be seen as the "go-to" person in your community for work at home information.

If you work it right, you will get lots of media attention.

You're providing a service in the community that benefits people.

The believability level is higher when people are meeting you face-to-face.

I strongly urge you to include other Moms in business when you plan your event. After all, your business is not right for everyone! Inviting other work at home Moms means that you'll make a lot of new friends, expand your network, and even make some money too, which will more than cover your advertising and other associated costs.

Ok, so we've covered the "why", let's work on the "how".

Choose a Venue

I've hosted business expos in public libraries, and these are great for a couple of reasons: They're free to reserve and most people in the community will know where they're located.

The disadvantages: You may not be able to serve refreshments which may not be a big deal to you, but may make it more difficult for the Pampered Chef lady you invited to sell her product. However, this may not be a strong consideration if the event is designed more as a lead generation tool for recruiting. Hotels have nice conference rooms but often carry a hefty price tag, although in some towns you may only pay $ 50- $ 75 for the room. The advantage of booking a room in a hotel is that you'll usually be able to serve food and also post signs outside the venue. Local gyms and recreation centers are good too.

Choose a Theme

Since space is limited and you can not include everyone, it's a good idea to choose a theme for your business expo. For instance, you may want to limit your vendors to Moms in Direct Sales, or you may want to choose Homeschooling parents in business. A friend of mine hosted a Natural Moms expo, and invited women who made herbal products, midwives, yoga instructors, massage therapists and the like. Having a theme also makes your advertising efforts easier since it clarifies what your event is "all about".

Other Planning Tips

At my events, I always asked each vendor to be responsible for her own table. (Most Moms in business have one so this was not an imposition.) That way I would not have to worry about whether the venue had enough.

Encourage your vendors to have plenty of information about their business on hand– printouts, catalogs, business cards, etc. It's also a good idea for them to have a small door prize as a way of collecting the names and numbers of people who look at their business.

Decide how much you're going to charge vendors. I always kept my vendor fee very low, since I was not so much interested in making a huge profit as I was exposing my own business to the community and helping Moms get legitimate information about working from home.

I've attended events that I did not plan and was very disappointed at the turnout when I had paid a nice fee in order to participate. You do not want your vendors getting resentful. If you decide to host another Expo, you'll have a lot of people who want to take part again and even assist you if the first one is a success. So keep those things in mind when deciding how much to charge your vendors. I also strongly suggest keeping the event free to the public.

Start Advertising Early

I'm a big believer in press releases because they work! Local media will likely call you to ask questions about your event, especially if you live in a smaller town. A few tips regarding press releases:

1) Emphasize how your event will help the public. Are you going to be educating women on how to avoid work at home scams? Will there be free information and samples available? Giveaways and door prizes? Are children welcome? Etc.

2) Be sure to post your press release online (Do a Google search for "submit press release"), as well as faxing or emailing it to local newspapers.

3) Call the newspaper first to see how they prefer to receive your release and always follow up to be sure they got it!

You may be able to advertise your business expo for free online at some of the work at home websites, as well as local interest websites. Do an Internet search for "submit event", with the name of your town in the search. That should give you quite a few places to submit your event to. You'll likely find that as a few women find out about the event, you'll have no trouble getting vendors! Especially if you keep the cost for inclusion low. In order to keep in touch with your vendors for updates and communication, consider starting an online newsletter list just for this purpose. Otherwise you'll find yourself answering phone calls and emails and saying the same things over and over.

Getting Lots of Attendees

If your press release gets picked up by a few local newspapers you'll probably have lots of people show up for your event, but it's also a good idea to diversify your advertising. Take out a small ad in a community events paper if there is one in your area (but be sure to send your press release first to see if they'll give you free advertising!). Post about your event in forums online that allow you to do so. Encourage your vendors to invite their customers (it's great if they can have some product on hand to retail, thus saving their customers shipping costs) and warm market. Post flyers at local businesses, always asking permission first (I almost never had anyone say no!). And be sure to have large, well placed signs pointing to your event, like you would if you were having a yard sale.

Well that's about it! I hope you plan a business expo that brings you tons of new customers and prospects, and establishes you as THE work at home Mom in your area!